Integrated Battery Thermal Management Unit

Model EZDS-03-J 01 / 02 EZDS-04-J 01 / 02 Rated cooling capacity 24kw ...

  • City Bus

  • Intercity Bus

  • Coach

  • Shuttle Bus

  • Double Decker Bus

Technical Datasheet

Model EZDS-03-J 01 / 02 EZDS-04-J 01 / 02
Rated cooling capacity 24kw 32kw 
Cooling for charging 5-10kw 5-10kw
Cooling for driving J01 3kw / J02 5kw J01 3kw / J02 5kw
HP power supply DC400V-DC750V DC400V-DC750 V
LP power supply DC24V(18V-30V) DC24V(18V-30V
Weight 280kg 315kg
Size(mm) LxWxH 2750*2000*270 3250*2000*270
Control power DC24V on/off signal DC24V on/off signal
LP power source DC-DC(standard configuration) DC-DC(standard configuration)
Dimension As per customer requirement As per customer requirement
Coolant R407c R407c
Coolant carrier  50%VV Ethylene glycol aqueous solution  50%VV Ethylene glycol aqueous solution 
protection level  IPX7  IPX7


  • LFT-D structure

    Ultralight, consistent, recyclable and rigid.

  • Thermal insulation materials

    Environmentally friendly, antiseptic, odourless and flame-retardant(A-0).

  • Proven performance

    Over 150,000 sets running globally since 2003.

  • Quiet

    Through acoustic material and fan airflow optimization, noise level 2dB lower.

  • Powerful cooling

    Through big margin deisgn, heating transfer surface increased 30%, heating efficiency improved 10%, cooling capacity increased 10%.

  • Patented CAN control

    Modular design, digital communication; PWM control module, evaporator fan stepless speed regulation; smart condenser fan control, cooling on demand.


    This series of integrated BTM is designed based on our EZDS series electric air conditioners, having solutions for 8 meter, 10 meter & 12 meter buses/ coaches.

    Heating capacity is 8 KW, using PTC to heat up anti-freezing liquid. It's optional, as in some contries, heating is not nessary and battery has pre-heating function.


     1.A/C cooling, heating, battery cooling, heating,     auto recirculation working mode

     2. A/C cooling and battery cooling work same time

     3. CAN2.0  communication

     4. Fault auto diagnose function

     5. Real time upload of power info

     6. EMC meets level Ⅲ standard requirement.


    • Bus Air Conditioner in South America  

    • Bus Air Conditioner in South America  

    • Bus Air Conditioner in South America  

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