Front Installation

QD series is front installed air conditioner for freezing container.

  • Refrigerator Truck

Technical Data sheet

Series QD-02 QD-03 QD-04 QD-05 QD-06
Applicable  Vans of freezing container   6-12m3 13-20m3 21-32m3 33-42m3 45-52m3
Return air temperature(EV) -18°C (0°F) 1600W 2300W 3200W 4200W 5000W
2°C (35°F) 3000W 4500W 6000W 8000W 9600W
Evaporator   Dimension   550×695×165 mm 1016×635×230 mm 1473×644×230 mm 1700×644×230 mm 170×644×230 mm
Weight   22kg 25kg 31kg 42kg 52 kg
Condenser   Dimension   924×430×295 1148×475×388 1265×555×415 1565×555×415 1565×550×415
Weight   27kg 32kg 42kg 53kg 63kg
Compressor  Brand   Sanden Sanden VALEO VALEO VALEO
Model   SD5H14 SD7L15 TM16 TM21 TM31
Displacement   138cc 155cc 163cc 210cc 313cc
Refrigerant   Type   R404a R404a R404a R404a R404a
Qty  1.5 kg 1.8 kg 2.5 kg 3.2 kg 6.5kg


  • Lightweight

    Rigid structure with low weight

  • Powerful cooling

    parts are from excellent suppliers both at home and abroad, effectively improve product quality and reliability.

  • Efficient

    High efficiency coil with special anti-corrosion treatment.

  • Compact size

    Small size, easy for installation

  • Safe

    HV,LV protection mode with defrosting

  • Water Test

    To provide best performance during raining days.


    • Preparation

      First clean the rooftop surface, then put glue to install the sponge and rubber pad, later put glue with a glue gun around the sponge.

    • Evaporator and Condensor Installation

      Lift the condensor and evaporator to the top of the bus, install and connect the pipes and wiring harness, then fix the condesor and evaporator to the bus rooftop, put glue for sealants where needed.

    • Cover Installation

      Move the cover to the top of condensor and evaporator, check the position and drop the cover, fix screws and check the gap to follow requrements.


    • South America References

    • Africa References

    • Africa References

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