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30-Aug-2019  76Comments

How much do you know about waste heat recovery?


How much do you know about waste heat recovery?


Now the EV is becoming trending, to reduce CO2 footprint. The sustainable low carbon and intelligent future gives rise to the innovation urge of E buses, and they must focus on energy saving, electric drive, network technologies, power train thermal management, lighter weight so as to become lower energy consumption and smarter.


Most new energy buses can’t make use of waste heat, and use PTC heater or heat pump to heat at low temperature. But common PTC is always a battery guzzler, leading a compromised travel range, so the heat pump having higher efficiency is what HVAC suppliers should dig in.


CLING finds its way to make use of waste heat.


CLING has always committed itself to R&D of new technology. Our solution is to collect the heat of driving motor and controller, and its heat shall exchange with the coolant of our HVAC system, which offers the heat needed by low temperature coolant to vaporize. We integrate this function with our heat-pump A/C and BTM (battery thermal management) system. During the heating process, our heat pump and PTC plus recovered motor heat work together, meanwhile high efficiency thermal management has been achieved for HVAC, battery and motor, contributing to a lower power consumption and increases vehicle mileage to some extent. Data from our lab says this system can make use of up to 45% engine waste heat, and COP in the heating mode increases by 15%!


In summary, this waste recovery technology is an important way to enhance the thermal management of new energy buses. Last year alone, CLING invested 42 million RMB (6 million USD) into R&D. Till now we have developed full series of BTM, E-A/C + defroster, intelligent cloud platform, etc. Let’s look forward to the next achievement CLING may contribute to the bus industry! 

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