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23-Aug-2019  59Comments

R410a low temperature heat pump E-A/C, a worthy choice!

At present, the most popular refrigerant adopted by vehicle A/C manufacturers is R134a and R407c, and PTC heater is mainly used for heating in winter, but COP is no higher than 0.9, which seriously affects mileage. To improve winter heating COP, A/C products uses high efficiency R410a come into being. COP reaches 1.2 at -15°C, meeting heating requirement in cold areas. R410a A/C product has been in operation in Northeast China for over half year, mass production products are delivered to Qin Huangdao bus company, providing cozy riding experience to its citizen.

Compared with other similar products, CLING R410A A/C has following features:

1, suitable for big temperature gap area

CLING R410A A/C can be deployed to the area where lowest temperature reaches -15°C, and highest reaches 50°C.

2,superb energy saving capacity

Due to its improved heating performance in winter, heat pump power consumption is 50% less than PTC heaters, which not only makes it more economical, but also enables more mileage. CLING adopts electric expansion valve intelligent adjustment and PWM stepless speed regulation for blowers, making its best COP reaches above 3.2.

3, environmental friendly.

By using high efficiency and environmental friendly refrigerant, charging volume reduced by 20%, lowering the pollution to the air. Soldered hermetic A/C system, reducing leakage risk.

4, highly comfortable.

The adoption of electric expansion valve realizes accurate control of needed refrigerant inside the system, passengers riding experience improves correspondingly.

5, lower maintenance cost.

CLING choose IP67 grade components, sufficing harsh environmental application.

Adoption of long life-span brushless blower/fan and imported compressor, achieving the same life-cycle of the vehicle. Thanks to the intelligent control technology for electric expansion valve, all components reduces the time of full-loaded working duty, their life-span is extended effectively.

6, intelligent CLOUD platform.

The high end CLING A/C is equipped with intelligent network control, adding the big data inspection technology from CLOUD end, we are able to provide our customers with real-time A/C performance data, and remote control is also available. Our A/C can heat up or cool down the vehicle in advance, bringing all-round thoughtful care to dear passengers.


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